Wellbeing Body Massage

This massage provides a sense of well-being and helps to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles, increase circulation, and induce relaxation.

1 hr treatment with Oil (S$ 75.00)

1 hr treatment with Essential Oils (S$ 85.00)

1 hr treatment on Warm Bed (S$ 85.00)


90 minutes Massage

Can't get enough with just 60mins of massage? Here is your change to be pamper from head to toe with our special 90mins body massage.

1.5 hr treatment with Oil (S$ 105.00)


Back and Shoulder Massage

A stress relieving massage concentrated on the back, shoulders, neck and head. A great picker-upper!

30 min treatment (S$ 48.00)


Body Scrub with Shower Service

A rejuvenating exfoliation (warm body scrub) that leaves your skin looking radiant and soft.

30 min treatment (S$ 45.00)


Body Wrap

An invigorating treatment which starts with a rejuvenating exfoliation. Followed by a total detoxifying treatment with hydrating mask and use of infra red light, that relieves muscle aches, gets rid of toxins in the body and leaves skin soft and supple.

1 hr treatment (S$ 58.00)


Hydrating Facial

A facial treatment that harmonies your senses and skin from the start to the end. And combing with the use of face steaming, face massage and/or pores extraction which leaves your skin refreshed and healthy looking.

30min treatment ($45.00)

1hr treatment (S$ 68.00)

1 hr 30min treatment (S$ 88.00)


Ear Candling

A process involves the use of a hollow candle with the narrow end held gently onto the edge of the ear. The flame creates a relative vacuum in the ear which draws out poisons, residues of past infection and fungus. It will also pull out fluid, right through the membrane of the inner ear. Good for relieve stress and tension.

30 min treatment (S$ 45.00)


Foot Reflexology

Using thumb and finger techniques (to apply pressure) to the reflex points on the feet, thus stimulating the nerve endings which send impulse-messages to the corresponding organs within the body systems. In this manner, it helps to clear energy blockage and congestion to improve blood circulation, stimulates and rejuvenates vital organs to help increase immune response

30 min treatment (S$ 45.00)

 1 hr treatment (S$ 70.00)


Outcall Massage Service

60 min treatment (S$ 120.00)